Project facts

Construction project

Total renovation of the “Zweierplatz” commercial building


Badenerstrasse 47, 8004 Zurich


Swiss Life AG

Construction sum



Project description

Total renovation of the “Zweierplatz” property at Stauffacher, known for its external glass lift. The renovation work included the refurbishment of four office floors, which were fully upgraded as part of the enhancement of the basic fit-out, including all bathrooms located in the core of the building. Furthermore, the outer shell was also renovated. The enhanced basic fit-out includes a raised floor, cooling ceiling panels that are also ventilated, and a flexible room layout concept that can be implemented in the tenant fit-out. To install the new building services, new technical centres had to be built on the intermediate roof leading to the neighbouring property as well as on the main roof. The main difficulty with the renovation work was that the retail spaces, as well as all the rental apartments in the property, were rented out and this had to be taken into account.

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