Project facts

Construction project

OYM competence centre for elite sport and research


Lorzenparkstrasse 22, 6330 Cham


Dr. HP Strebel

Construction sum

CHF 100M


Project description

New OYM building in Cham, the competence centre for elite sport and research. The OYM provides top athletes with a training centre that is unique in the world in terms of its complexity. The training centre includes an underground car park with 200 parking spaces and an ice rink that can be used 365 days a year. The rink is fitted with an automatic sliding board system that allows the ice surface to be instantly adapted to North American conditions. Ice scrapings from the skating surface are also used for the air conditioning of the building. Above the rink is a triple sports hall with a glass floor for displaying different sports courts by means of LED markings. Also above the rink is an athletics area covering an area of 3,000 m², which represents the centrepiece of the centre. A large number of different training machines enable coaches to train entire teams. Next to this, accessible via two bridges, is the turf with a grass area and an 8m-high sprint ramp. An 80m-long sprint track can be found on the gallery, which stretches the length of the entire building. All the athletics facilities have the same physical conditions 365 days a year, with a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity, with a maximum deviation of 1 degree Celsius and 10% humidity. The centre also has wet and dry laboratories for muscle research, as well as a water pool for rehabilitation. The pool is equipped with a lifting platform that can be raised and lowered, plus an integrated treadmill. The centre also houses accommodation consisting of 25 double rooms, training and seminar rooms, various office spaces for OYM staff and the EVZ management committee, an auditorium with 180 seats, a restaurant that serves food specially suited to athletes, and various changing rooms for users of the athletics facilities, triple sports hall and ice hockey rink, partly comprising saunas and whirlpools. In order to offer ice hockey training, a training area with artificial ice was equipped with various shooting facilities, goalie ice, a treadmill and a showroom. The Zug ice hockey club is primarily entitled to use these facilities. The building is also home to the OYM College, where 80 students can study.

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