Making professional implementation our priority

BÄR Baumanagement focuses on the wishes of our clients. We develop, plan and implement construction projects ensuring a balanced cost-benefit ratio, high quality standards and compliance with deadlines.

Our know-how is the basis for the early identification of all the factors that could potentially impact a project. This allows us to implement projects professionally and expediently for our clients.

More specifically: we provide advice and support throughout all the different phases of the construction project. We organise all the necessary steps, from planning and tendering to implementation. You can find interesting insights in our project portfolio.

Paying attention to architecture

For BÄR Architektur, the focus is on people and space and the associated quality of life.

We cultivate a holistic understanding of architecture. Consequently, the design process leads us to authentic, aesthetic and individual solutions. We live up to our high design standards by ensuring creativity at every stage, from the initial idea to project planning and implementation. With our know-how in interior design, we structure our customer’s vision so that an aesthetic and functional overall concept is created.

Be it conversion or new construction projects – our innovative team creates and implements tailor-made architecture in close cooperation with the building contractor.

Top-class teams in motion

For building contractors, working with BÄR Totalunternehmung is very simple: they have a single contact and contractual partner for all construction and planning services. This applies to new buildings and conversions as well as to renovation projects.

We are a pro-active, transparent and reliable partner for our customers. We actively accompany and advise them every step of the way, from the project idea to turnkey delivery.

We maintain a network of professional partners and excellent specialists. This enables us to put together project-specific, high-calibre teams that achieve the desired result on time and in line with the budget.

Placing the emphasis on shared values

As a total contractor specialising in construction management and architecture, we value quality and excellent services. But the real secret of our success is the philosophy of shared values that determines our daily actions.

Visionary thinking and innovation motivate us to reach new milestones. We give our employees the freedom to contribute ideas and creativity. Challenging and promoting them is an essential part of our company’s success.

Our principle is to engage in forward-looking action. Whatever we do, we do it dynamically, enthusiastically and efficiently – with the clear goal of inspiring our customers.

Looking to the future

Philip Bär, founder and CEO of BÄR Baumanagement AG and BÄR Totalunternehmung AG, is always looking to the future. He is an encourager and dares to cross boundaries in order to keep on developing. He is behind the driving force that is so highly appreciated by his team and network partners.

Philip Bär attended art and sports school, pursuing his passion for show jumping at the same time. He went on to train as a structural draughtsman before studying architecture in Zurich and Chur. In parallel to his studies, he first worked in a construction management company and later in a construction and administration company, where he was responsible for all construction projects. He subsequently completed a study trip to the USA, during which he also conducted another project in Los Angeles.

He founded BÄR Baumanagement AG in 2014 and, in the wake of its success, BÄR Totalunternehmung AG in 2019.

Philip Bär values personal exchanges with clients, partners and his team.